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Kanopus is a Brazilian private independent company based in Rio de Janeiro, with penetration in the national and international oil and gas market, working with special emphasis in the pipelines field.

We perform consultancy services in pipeline leak detection, location and quantification systems, as well as in pipeline numerical flow simulation and hydraulics, targeting both single (gas and liquid) and multiphase domain.

Our distinction is our independency, since we are not linked to any particular supplier or product in the national or international market. Our solutions, case by case, are committed to each client needs and the legislation.

We provide affordable prices and highly skilled professionals and, in some cases, with more than 20 years of market experience. Our greatest asset is our technical proficiency, in years in projects.

Our proposal is to provide specialised, independent analysis refraining from allocating operating company technical staff to tasks and technical jobs, other than those being part of its routine, unnecessarily.

We also intend to perform, as an independent third party, the crucial part of the work related to pipeline numerical flow simulation: modelling and tuning of the state estimators, reducing the services costs, when hiring such solutions.

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